Dance Shoes

Having the right shoe for the sport that you are playing, makes it easier on your body.
Dancing is no different than any other sport.

All dance shoes should fit well. Your foot should not move around in the shoe, but still be comfortable. Any shoe that you dance in should have an enclosed heal, to keep the shoe on your foot.

Ballroom dance shoes usually have a suede leather sole. This lets you slide your feet across the floor easily. It also lets you pivot or spin turn with little resistance.

Swing Dance shoes may have a hard leather sole that is even slipperier than the sued on Ballroom Shoes. Many Swing Dancers wear Dance Sneakers, which are made with a special sole just for dancing.

Men's Latin dance shoes have a higher heal than Ballroom shoes. Latin Dance is a toe lead, which keeps you on the balls of your foot. Thus the higher heel.

A wire shoe brush is sometimes used to rough up the sole on ballroom shoes, if they get to slippery. These are available at dance shoe stores.

You may mail order your dance shoes for a better price than a local store.
Although it is usually better to go to a store where you can try on the shoes, to check the fit.
Unless you already have a favorite shoe.

Here are some links to a few of the dance shoe stores, that I have used.

Dance Shoes